How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

In this 1 hour webinar, Dr. Kelley Misata of Sightline Security will present cybersecurity tips about keeping your children and loved ones safe online.

The children of the 2020s are online more than any generation before them. Everything from their phones, to their TVs, to their gaming systems can connect to the internet. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month - join the webinar to learn more.

As a survivor of cyberstalking turned Ph.D. and cybersecurity expert, Dr. Kelley Misata knows better than most that parenting requires a unique and grounded perspective on security. While raising two children of her own, Dr. Misata navigates the shifts in thinking needed to raise children who have never known a life without the Internet. Join us for this webinar to learn from one woman’s unexpected journey into cybersecurity and, more importantly, leave with practical (and not scary) approaches you can adopt in your family (without constantly living in fear).

This event is open to the All including non Sightline members.

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