The year when cybersecurity became everyone's problem (2021)!

Cybersecurity has been a major issue within the past few years, but 2021 was the year when it became everyone’s problem. It used to be a worry mostly for IT folks, the risk of a cyber hack and ransomware are now top concerns for CEOs, government, and world leaders.

The Colonial Pipeline attack, the Log.4jflaw and the current Red Cross attack, show just how vulnerable we are as a society when it comes to cyber treats. Because of these type of attacks, they potentially open nearly every business and government to attack.

The Good News:

Though half of the most prolific ransomware strains of 2021 have been compromised or taken down by law enforcement. The experts predict that in 2022, that vacuum will be filled by new entrants to the space, including rebranded offshoots of defunct variants,” said Jacqueline Koven, head of cyber threat intelligence at Chainalysis.

Leaders from all over the world are calling for much tighter cooperation between businesses and governments as the key way to fighting back.

We, at Sightline, are also doing our part by collaborating with several other organizations that are committed to support, guide and protect mission-based and nonprofits organization within the community.

Credit to The Record for keeping the record on how cyber attacks have affected some of the major institutions within the last two years.